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SPARC T5-1B Server Module Service Manual

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Updated: February 2019

Configure POST

If you are accessing the server module through the CMM, prepend each target path with /Servers/Blades/Blade_n, where n is the slot in which the server module is installed.

  1. Log into Oracle ILOM.

    See Log Into Oracle ILOM (Service).

  2. Set the virtual keyswitch to the value that corresponds to the POST configuration you want to run.

    This example sets the virtual keyswitch to normal, which configures POST to run according to other parameter values.

    -> set /HOST keyswitch_state=normal
    Set keyswitch_state to 'Normal'

    For possible values for the keyswitch_state parameter, see Oracle ILOM Properties That Affect POST Behavior.

  3. If the virtual keyswitch is set to normal, and you want to define the mode, level, verbosity, or trigger, set the respective parameters.


    set /HOST/diag property=value

    See Oracle ILOM Properties That Affect POST Behavior for a list of parameters and values.


    -> set /HOST/diag mode=normal
    -> set /HOST/diag verbosity=max
  4. View the POST settings.


    -> show /HOST/diag
            level = min
            mode = normal
            trigger = power-on-reset error-reset
            verbosity = normal

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