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SPARC T5-1B Server Module Service Manual

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Updated: February 2019

Find the Server Module Serial Number

Note - To obtain support for your server module, you need the serial number of the Sun Blade 6000 modular system in which the server module is located, not the serial number of the server module. See Find the Modular System Chassis Serial Number.

The serial number of the server module is located on a sticker on the RFID tag that is mounted in the center of the front panel. See Front and Rear Panel (Service). However, this label is not present on a server module that has been moved into a new enclosure assembly. You also can type the Oracle ILOM commands to display the number.

  1. Log into Oracle ILOM.

    See Log Into Oracle ILOM (Service).

  2. Display the server module's serial number.
    • Through the CMM, type.

      -> show /CH/BL9/System component_serial_number
              component_serial_number = 1214NN0304
    • Through the server module, type.

      -> show /SYS product_serial_number
              product_serial_number = 1219NN3024

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