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SPARC T5-1B Server Module Service Manual

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Updated: February 2019

Install a Drive or Drive Filler

The physical address of a drive is based the slot in which it is installed. See Drive Configuration.

Note - All drive bays must be populated with a drive or drive filler.
  1. (If needed) Remove a drive.

    See Remove a Drive or Drive Filler.

  2. Identify the slot in which to install the drive.
    • If you are replacing a drive, ensure that you install the replacement drive in the same slot as the drive you removed.

    • If you are adding an additional drive, install the drive in the next available drive slot.

  3. (If needed) Remove the drive filler from this slot.

    See Remove a Drive or Drive Filler.

  4. Slide the drive into the bay until it is fully seated (panel 1).
    image:Figure showing how to install a drive in the server module.
  5. Close the latch to lock the drive in place (panels 2 and 3).
  6. Consider your next step:

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