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SPARC T5-1B Server Module Service Manual

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Updated: February 2019

Remove a DIMM


Caution  - This procedure involves handling circuit boards that are extremely sensitive to static electricity. Ensure that you follow ESD preventative practices to avoid damaging the circuit boards. See Prevent ESD Damage.


Caution  - Components inside the chassis might be hot. Use caution when servicing components inside the chassis.

  1. (If needed) Prepare for service.

    See Preparing for Service.

  2. (If needed) Locate the faulty DIMM.

    See Determine Which DIMM Is Faulty.

  3. Remove the DIMM from the motherboard.
    image:Figure showing DIMM removal.
    1. Push down on the ejector tabs at the same time until the DIMM is released (panel 1).
    2. Grasp the top corners of the DIMM, and lift and remove it from the server module (panel 2).
    3. Place the DIMM on an antistatic mat.
  4. Install a replacement DIMM.

    See Install a DIMM.

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