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SPARC T5-1B Server Module Service Manual

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Updated: February 2019

Install the SP Card

  1. (If needed) Remove the SP card.

    See Remove the SP Card.

  2. Insert the replacement SP card into the retainer (panel 1).

    Ensure that the tab is aligned with the key.

    image:Figure shows how to install the SP card.
  3. Seat the SP card into the connector by pressing the card toward the tabs while pressing down (panel 3).

    When the SP card is in place, the lever will close.

  4. Return the server module to the chassis.

    See Returning the Server Module to Operation.

  5. Access Oracle ILOM on the SP.

    See Log Into Oracle ILOM (Service).

    This message might be displayed:

    Unrecognized Chassis: This module is installed in an unknown or
    unsupported chassis. You must upgrade the firmware to a newer
    version that supports this chassis.
  6. Download the system firmware.

    Refer to Servers Administration and to Oracle ILOM documentation for instructions.

  7. Set the clock's day and time.

    Enter the datetime value in the form MMDDHHMMYYYY.

    For example:

    -> set /SP/clock datetime=091214052012
    -> show /SP/clock
            datetime = Wed Sep 12 14:05:20 2012
            timezone = PDT (PST8PDT)
            uptime = 15 days, 02:36:54
            usentpserver = disabled
  8. If you created a backup of the SP configuration, use the Oracle ILOM restore utility to restore the configuration.
  9. Consider your next step.

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