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SPARC T5-1B Server Module Service Manual

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Updated: February 2019

Power On the Host (Oracle ILOM)

  1. (If needed) Install the server module into the modular system.

    See Install the Server Module Into the Modular System.

  2. Log into Oracle ILOM.

    See Log Into Oracle ILOM (Service).

    Note - The server module power-on process can take several minutes to complete, depending on the amount of installed memory and the configured diagnostic level.

    By default, the server module boots the Oracle Solaris OS.

  3. Start the host using one of these commands:
    • From the CMM, type.

      -> start /Servers/Blades/Blade_n/System
    • From the server module, type.

      -> start /System
  4. Perform any diagnostics that verify the results of servicing the server module.

    See Understanding Diagnostics and Tools.

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