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SPARC T5-1B Server Module Service Manual

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Updated: February 2019

Drive LEDs

image:Figure showing the drive LEDs.
LED or Button
Drive OK/Activity LED
image:Icon for the Ok LED
Indicates the drive status:
  • On (green) – Drive is idle and available for use.

  • Blinking – Read or write activity is in progress.

  • Off – Host is powered off.

Drive Service Action Required LED
image:Icon for the Service Action Required LED
When on (amber), indicates that the drive has experienced a fault condition.
Drive Ready to Remove LED
image:Icon for the Ready to Remove LED
Indicates if a drive can be removed during a hot-plug operation.
  • On (blue) – Drive was taken offline using the cfgadm or an equivalent command.

  • Off – Drive is not ready to remove or is taken offline by shutting down the OS.

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