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Oracle® Server X6-2 Service Manual

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Updated: January 2018

PCIe Riser Location and Differences

The PCIe riser that installs in PCIe slots 3 and 4 is different than the risers in PCIe slots 1 and 2. The riser for slots 3 and 4 supports two cards: a standard PCIe card and the internal HBA card. Do not attempt to install the PCIe riser for PCIe slots 3 and 4 in slots 1 or 2, and vice versa.

image:Figure showing the location of PCIe risers installed in the                         system.
PCIe riser and installed PCIe card or the optional Oracle PCIe NVMe switch card in slot 1 (This slot is nonfunctional in single-processor systems.)
PCIe riser and installed PCIe card in slot 2
PCIe riser and installed cards (2) in slots 3 and 4 (the internal HBA card is installed slot 4 of this riser.) Note: This riser is different from the risers in slots 1 and 2.

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