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Oracle® Server X6-2 Service Manual

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Updated: January 2021

Power Down Server Gracefully Using the Oracle ILOM Web Interface

  1. Log in to the server as superuser or equivalent.

    Depending on the nature of the problem, you might want to view the system status or the log files or run diagnostics before you shut down the system. For more information, see the Oracle ILOM 5.0 Documentation Library at https://www.oracle.com/goto/ilom/docs.

  2. Notify affected users that the server will be powered down.
  3. Save any open files and quit all running applications.

    Refer to your application documentation for specific information about these processes.

  4. Log in to the Oracle ILOM web interface using an Administrator account.

    For instructions, see the Logging In to or Out of Oracle ILOM in Oracle Server X6-2 Installation Guide.

    The Oracle ILOM web interface System Information → Summary Information page appears.

  5. In the left pane, click Host Management → Power Control, and select Graceful Shutdown and Power Off from the Action list.
  6. Click Save and then click OK.

    The host server performs an orderly power shutdown.

  7. Disconnect the power cords an data cables from the server.

    See Disconnect Cables From the Server.

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