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Oracle® Server X6-2 Service Manual

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Updated: January 2018

Reconnect Data Cables and Power Cords

  1. Reconnect the data cables to the rear of the server, as required.

    If the cable management arm (CMA) is in the way, extend the server approximately 13 cm (5 inches) out of the front of the rack.

  2. Reconnect the power cables to the power supplies and secure them with the reclosable straps as shown in the following figure.
    image:Figure showing how to connect the power cords.
  3. If necessary, reinstall the cables into the CMA and secure them with the reclosable cable straps.
  4. If you pulled the server out of the rack to make it easier to connect the cables, push the server into the rack until the slide-rail locks (on the front of the server) engage the slide-rail assemblies.

    You will hear an audible click when the server is in the normal rack position.

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