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1 Learn About the Exalogic Machine

2 Site Requirements

3 Install Planning and Procedure

4 Default IP Addresses and Ports

5 Add the Exalogic Machine to Your Network

6 Understand Network Requirements and Configuration

7 Set Up ILOM on the Compute Nodes

8 Configure the Storage Appliance

9 Configure NFS Version 4 on Exalogic

10 Configure Ethernet Over InfiniBand

11 Set Up Virtual LANs

12 Use the InfiniBand Gateway Switches

13 Manage the InfiniBand Network Using Subnet Manager

14 Use the Sun Datacenter InfiniBand Switch 36 in Multirack Configurations

15 Monitor and Control the InfiniBand Fabric

16 Use InfiniBand Partitions in Exalogic Physical Environments

17 Monitoring the Exalogic Machine Using Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center

18 Install the ASR Software

A Configure the Exalogic Machine Using ECU

B Site Checklists

C Cabling Diagrams

D Replacement Units

E Cabling Tables

F Manage Solaris Zones on Exalogic

G Customize Linux on the Compute Nodes