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1 Overview to FASTR

Part I Version Creation and Revision

2 Overview to Version Creation

3 Create a Version

4 Copy a Version

5 Enter Totals

6 Revise a Version

Part II Defaults and Overrides

7 Overview to Defaults and Overrides

8 Set Up Defaults and Overrides

Part III Versions with Row Specifications

9 Overview to Versions with Row Specifications

10 Create Versions with Row Specifications

11 Work with Row Specifications

12 Create Row Specifications by Business Unit

13 Create Row Specifications by Category Code

14 Override Specifications

15 Set Up Percentage Calculations

Part IV Versions with Cell Specifications

16 Overview to Versions with Cell Specifications

17 Create Versions with Cell Specifications

18 Work with Cell Specifications

Part V Additional FASTR Features

19 Overview to Additional FASTR Features

20 Work with Audit Trails

21 Activate PC Download

22 Create FASTR-Generated Journal Entries

23 Create Conditioned Variance Versions

24 Work with Organizational Report Structures

25 Understand Special Arithmetic Operands

26 Save and Manage a Workfile

Part VI FASTR Maintenance Considerations

27 Overview to FASTR Maintenance Considerations

28 Work with Row Optimization

29 Run Multiple Versions

30 Customize General Specifications

31 Copy Parameters

32 Work with Specifications

33 Restore FASTR Reports

Part VII Job Cost Versions

34 Overview to Job Cost Versions

35 Understand Budget Versions

36 Understand Column Propagation

Part VIII Advanced Features

37 Overview to Advanced Features

38 Customize Column Headings

39 Set Up Custom Date Titles

40 Assign Levels of Detail to Business Units

41 Understand Dependent/Concatenated Structures

42 Set Up Dependent and Concatenated Structures

43 Set Up Combination Structures

A Codes and Charts

B PC Download for Lotus and Excel

C Troubleshooting FASTR Issues