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What's New in This Guide

Part I Using the Oracle WebCenter Sites Contributor Interface

1 Overview of WebCenter Sites

2 Getting Started

3 Creating, Sharing, and Editing Assets in Form Mode

4 Creating, Sharing, and Editing Assets in Web Mode

5 Deleting Assets

6 Finding and Organizing Assets

7 Previewing Assets

8 Associating Assets

9 Linking Assets

10 Creating a Website's Navigation

11 Working with Multilingual Assets

12 Working with Widgets and Gadgets in the Contributor Interface

13 Creating Mobile Websites

14 Approval for Publishing

15 Revision Tracking

16 Workflow

17 Oracle WebCenter Sites: Engage Overview

18 Grouping Visitors into Segments with Engage

19 Creating and Configuring Recommendations with Engage

20 Creating Promotions with Engage

21 Navigational Reference

22 The Flex Asset Model

Part II Using the Community Application

23 Welcome to the Oracle WebCenter Sites: Community Application

24 Getting Started

25 Working with the Comments Widgets

26 Working with the Reviews Widgets

27 Working with Ratings Widgets

28 Working with the Login Bar Widget

29 Working with Polls

30 Configuring Community Widget Settings

31 Testing Deployed Community Widget Tags

Part III Creating Blog Content

32 Creating Blog Content

Part IV Using the Gadgets Application

33 Introducing the Oracle WebCenter Sites: Gadgets Application

34 Getting Started

35 Re-configuring Gadget and Dashboard Settings

36 Deploying Gadgets and the Dashboard

37 Testing Deployed Gadgets