5.3 Using Oracle VM Manager with Oracle VM Server Release 3.2

Oracle VM Manager offers some compatibility to manage Oracle VM Server Release 3.2, to assist with the upgrade process. Due to changes in authentication mechanisms in Release 3.3, it may be necessary to disable the use of TLS1 for SSL-based authentication during the interim stage where you may have successfully installed or upgraded an Oracle VM Manager instance to Release 3.3, but your Oracle VM Server instances are still running an earlier release.

To do this, you must edit the /etc/sysconfig/ovmm file on the Oracle VM Manager host and set the USETLS1 parameter as follows:


Due to the number of changes in Release 3.3, some features available in Oracle VM Manager may not function as expected if you continue to run your Oracle VM Servers on a previous release of the software. Therefore, it is recommended that this change is used as a temporary feature during the upgrade process.

When all your Oracle VM Servers have been upgraded, you should reset the USETLS1 parameter to improve Oracle VM security: