3.4 Uninstalling Oracle VM Manager

Before uninstalling Oracle VM Manager, you may want to back up Oracle VM Manager and the Oracle VM Manager database schema. For information on how to back up Oracle VM Manager, see Backing Up The Oracle VM Manager Configuration File.

You perform the uninstall using the Oracle VM Manager installation script. You must start the installer from the installation media; you cannot perform an uninstall without the installation media as there is no installer located on the Oracle VM Manager host computer. See Section 3.3.2, “Running the Oracle VM Manager Installer” for information on starting the installer. Follow the prompts to uninstall Oracle VM Manager. See Section 3.5, “Oracle VM Manager Installation Script (runInstaller.sh)” for the full syntax to the installation script.

The following example shows an uninstall of a default Oracle VM Manager installation. Before you uninstall Oracle VM Manager, make sure both the Oracle VM Manager Command Line Interface and Oracle VM Manager are shut down:

# service ovmcli stop
# service ovmm stop

Example 3.3 Uninstall Oracle VM Manager

# ./runInstaller.sh -i Uninstall -y

Oracle VM Manager Release 3.x.x Installer
Oracle VM Manager Installer log file:
Uninstall Oracle VM Manager

DB component : MySQL RPM package
MySQL RPM package installed by OVMM was found...
Removing MySQL RPM package installation ...

Product component : Java in '/u01/app/oracle/java/'
Java is installed ...

Removing Java installation ...

Product component : Oracle VM Manager in '/u01/app/oracle/ovm-manager-3/'
Oracle VM Manager is installed ...
Removing Oracle VM Manager installation ...

Product component : Oracle WebLogic Server in '/u01/app/oracle/Middleware/'
Oracle WebLogic Server is installed

Removing Oracle WebLogic Server installation ...
Service ovmm is deleted.
Service ovmcli is deleted.

Uninstall completed ...

The default behavior of an uninstall is to leave database backup files in place, in case there is a need to recover the database after a new installation. These files are located in /u01/app/oracle/mysql/dbbackup. If you wish to remove them after installation, you can do so manually.