Prerequisite Packages

If you have a minimal installation of Oracle Linux, you may not have the perl, libaio, zip and unzip packages installed. These are required packages for the Oracle VM Manager installer. To install perl, libaio, zip and unzip, enter:

# yum install zip unzip libaio perl

The Oracle VM Manager installer is responsible for installing a number of different software packages, some of which may have other dependencies. If you have not installed at least a 'minimal' installation of Oracle Linux, the installer may exit at any point and notify you of missing dependencies. In this situation, you must ensure that dependency packages are installed before attempting to resume an installation. This issue may occur on systems that were installed using Kickstart and only a limited subset of packages.

Oracle VM Manager Release 3.3 includes a Python script called UpgradeServers.py. This script assists with the batch upgrade of multiple Oracle VM Servers.