Getting the Software

If you do not already have the Oracle VM Server software, download the Oracle VM Server ISO file from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud:


See Section 1.2, “Getting Installation ISOs and Packages”, in the appendix, for more information.

Depending on your installation strategy, you may need to perform some additional steps before you begin the installation. If you intend to install from DVD-ROM, you should burn a DVD-ROM disc with the ISO image. See Section 1.3, “Installation From DVD-ROM or CD-ROM” in the appendix for some information on how you can do this. If you intend to perform a network installation using PXE boot, you need to ensure that you DHCP/PXE boot server is properly set up and configured for this, that the kernel on the ISO is available via TFTP and that the entire ISO is accessible via NFS or HTTP. See Section 4.1, “Installation From PXE Boot” for further information. Finally, if you wish to perform an unattended installation, you must create a Kickstart configuration file. This is discussed in Section 4.2, “Using Kickstart to Automate Installation Options”.