5.5.2 Upgrading Oracle VM Server for SPARC

With your IPS repositories properly configured, you are able to perform individual server upgrades from within the Oracle VM Manager Web Interface as described in Update Server in the Oracle VM Manager User's Guide. If you have defined repositories for the Solaris operating system and for the Oracle VM Agent, then an update action is performed for both the Solaris operating system and the Oracle VM Agent. If you only want to update a particular component, either the Solaris operating system or the Oracle VM Agent, disable the repository with the component that you do not want to update within Oracle VM Manager.

If you have named your repositories correctly, as outlined in the preceding steps, you are also able to use the batch server upgrade script, UpgradeServers.py, described in Section 5.4.2, “Upgrading Oracle VM Server using the UpgradeServers.py Script”. Both repositories must be enabled for this script to work.

If you have updated the Oracle VM Agent on your servers and have not installed the DLM package, clustering is not supported until you install this package. Ideally, the DLM package should be installed before the upgrade, but you are still able to install the DLM package after the Oracle VM Agent has been updated. If you intend to do this, perform the following steps on each server in your environment: