6.1 Installing DLM for SPARC Server Pool Clusters

Clustered server pools are supported on SPARC hardware, as long as the cluster file system is hosted on NFS storage, there is a single control domain, and the distributed lock manager (DLM) package is installed. If any of these requirements are not met, you are unable to take advantage of clustering functionality within a server pool. It is not compulsory to use clustered server pools within Oracle VM, however the advantages provided by configuring clustering for a server pool make this option desirable. In this section we describe how to download and install the DLM package to meet one of the basic requirements for server pool clustering on Oracle VM Server for SPARC.

If you do not already have the DLM software, download DLM for SPARC from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud:


Use of DLM for SPARC is subject to that section of the Oracle License Agreement that covers Oracle VM Manager at:


See Section 1.2, “Getting Installation ISOs and Packages”, in the appendix, for more information on accessing and downloading packages and ISOs.

When you have downloaded the DLM package you should store it in a place that is accessible to all of the Oracle VM Servers in your deployment, or copy it to each server so that it can be installed. The package is named: ovs-dlm-3.3.1-bxxx.p5p, where xxx should be equivalent to the build number for the Oracle VM Agent for SPARC package.

Install the package on the control domain for each Oracle VM Server, using the following command:

# pkg install -g ovs-dlm-3.3.1-bxxx.p5p dlm

Take care to ensure that the package name matches the filename where you have stored the package, replacing xxx with the appropriate build number and 3.3.1 with the appropriate release number.

Once you have finished installing the DLM for SPARC package on all of your servers, you will be able to configure clustered server pools as normal within Oracle VM Manager. See How do Server Pool Clusters Work? in the Oracle VM Concepts Guide for more information on server pool clustering.