Non-native Packages

If you have installed any packages on any of your Oracle VM Servers after the initial Oracle VM Server installation (non-native packages), it is possible that the presence of those packages may cause the upgrade to fail. For the script to succeed, you must place new Oracle Linux 6 compatible versions of these non-native packages in the Oracle VM Server 3.3 Update Repository before starting the upgrade. See Section, “Preparing the Yum Repositories” for more information on updating non-native packages.

Before starting any Oracle VM Server upgrades, the upgrade script checks for non-native packages that may have been installed on any of the servers to be upgraded. The script also checks the 3.3_ovs_repo to determine whether any of these packages exist in that repository. To perform this check, the script makes use of a text file that enumerates the set of packages included in Oracle VM Server Release 3.1 and 3.2. The upgrade script compares the list of packages on the server to the appropriate version in this file to determine the list of non-native packages on the server. This file is located at:


Depending on the version of Oracle VM Server on the server to upgrade, you may need to update this file to match the package list for your release. The appropriate package list file for your upgrade can be downloaded from:


The script displays the status of all detected non-native packages:

Thu Dec 26 15:39:26 2013 INFO: Non-native package      Status in 3.3_ovs_repo
Thu Dec 26 15:39:26 2013 INFO: ------------------      -----------------------
Thu Dec 26 15:39:26 2013 INFO: osc-oracle-netapp       OK: package exists
Thu Dec 26 15:39:26 2013 INFO: osc-oracle-s7k          OK: package exists
Thu Dec 26 15:39:26 2013 INFO: python-ontapi           OK: package exists

If a non-native package is found that is not in the 3.3_ovs_repo, its status is described as MISSING, and you are prompted to fix the problem before proceeding with the upgrade. There are two approaches to dealing with a MISSING package:

  • Manually add an Oracle Linux 6 compatible version of the package to the repository as described in Section, “Preparing the Yum Repositories” if you intend to continue to use it in your upgraded environment.

  • On each Oracle VM Server where the package is currently installed, you can manually uninstall the package if it is not required in your upgraded environment, or if you intend to install an alternative after upgrade is complete.