6.5 Installing and Upgrading Packages Required For The VNC and Serial Console

There are two types of virtual machine consoles in Oracle VM Manager: the VNC console used to connect virtual machines in x86-based server pools, and the serial console used to connect to virtual machines in both x86-based and SPARC-based server pools. Both console types require you to install the appropriate package on the Oracle VM Manager host computer. You receive the following notification when the installation of Oracle VM Manager completes:

Note that you must install the latest ovmcore-console package for your Oracle Linux 
distribution to gain VNC and serial console access to your Virtual Machines (VMs).
Please refer to the documentation for more information about this package.  

This package is available in the root folder of the Oracle VM Manager Installation ISO.

There are versions of this package for both Oracle Linux 5 and Oracle Linux 6. They are named as follows:

  • ovmcore-console-x.y-z.el5.noarch.rpm for Oracle Linux 5

  • ovmcore-console-x.y-z.el6.noarch.rpm for Oracle Linux 6

Copy the appropriate package for the Oracle Linux installation where you are running Oracle VM Manager and then install it with the command:

# rpm -ivh ovmcore-console-x.y-z.elv.noarch.rpm

Substitute x.y-z with the most current version number of the package available. Substitute v with the version number of your Oracle Linux installation.

If you already have an earlier version of this package installed, you may wish to upgrade it. In which case, you may use the following command instead:

# rpm -U ovmcore-console-x.y-z.elv.noarch.rpm

This package installs the noVNC VNC client and the jsTerm terminal emulator on the Oracle VM Manager host. The noVNC client is a web-based VNC client that is rendered using HTML5 WebSockets and Canvas. You can find out more about this software at http://kanaka.github.io/noVNC/ . The jsTerm terminal emulator is a web-based terminal emulator that can be used to facilitate telnet-type connections using HTML5 WebSockets and Canvas.

Note that to use these console services, your web browser must fully support the HTML5 Canvas and WebSockets elements. The list of supported web browsers presented in Web Browser Requirements in the Oracle VM Manager User's Guide covers all browsers that also provide the necessary support to make use of the virtual machine consoles included in Oracle VM Manager.

As of version 3.3.1 of Oracle VM Manager there is no requirement to install or run any other software on the client computer.