LDoms Configuration Requirements

Before installing the Oracle VM Agent for SPARC, the platform must be in factory default configuration. When installing the Oracle VM Agent for SPARC, the Oracle VM Agent for SPARC setup tool creates and stores an initial LDoms configuration appropriate for using the server with Oracle VM Manager.

Use the following procedure to configure the platform with the factory-default configuration:

  1. If there are domains other than the primary domain, then stop and unbind all domains except the primary domain.

    # ldm stop -a
    # ldm unbind <domain>
  2. Select the factory-default configuration and shutdown the primary domain.

    # ldm set-config factory-default
    # shutdown -i5 -g0 -y
  3. From the service processor, perform a power cycle of the system to load the factory default configuration.

    -> stop /SYS
    -> start /SYS

For more information about the factory default configuration, see the Factory Default Configuration and Disable Logical Domains section in the Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1 Administration Guide available at: