4.3.5 Performing an Installation

For more information about installing a server with the Solaris Auto-Install, see Installing Client Systems at:


On the installation server, you must associate the MAC address of each server, that you wish to install, with the installation service that you have set up. This is achieved by running the following command:

# installadm create-client -n solaris11_1_13_1_0-sparc -e mac-address

Substitute mac-address with the actual MAC address for the network interface on the server that is used to connect to the installation service.

On your target servers, if you have configured your DHCP to provide the information for the installation service, you can issue the following command at boot:

ok boot net:dhcp - install

If you have not configured DHCP, on your target server issue the following commands at boot:

ok setenv network-boot-arguments host-ip=client-ip,router-ip=router-ip,\
ok boot net - install

Substitute client-ip with the IP address that you intend to allocate to the server, router-ip with the IP address of your router or default gateway, subnet-mask with the subnet mask of your network, and hostname with the hostname that you wish to use for your server. Finally, ensure that the URL that you provide for the file parameter matches the URL to access your Solaris AI server.