4.3.2 Creating an Oracle Solaris Installation Service

To install Oracle Solaris 11.1 over the network, you must create an Oracle Solaris installation service using the installadm create-service command. The exact process for this is described in detail in the document titled Installing Oracle Solaris 11.1 Systems at:


After the procedure is completed, you can check that your installation service is correctly set up by using the installadm list command. The output from this command should look similar to the following:

# installadm list
Service Name             Alias Of Status  Arch   Image Path
------------             -------- ------  ----   ----------
solaris11_1_13_1_0-sparc -        on      sparc  /export/auto_install/solaris11_1_13_1_0-sparc

In the example output, the installation service is solaris11_1_13_1_0-sparc.

Make sure that your install service uses a version of Solaris 11.1 that includes Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1.1. Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1.1 has been integrated into Oracle Solaris 11.1 beginning with SRU 17.5. To download the software, refer to Oracle Solaris 11.1 Support Repository Updates (SRU) Index ID 1501435.1 from My Oracle Support, available at: