Network Requirements

Oracle VM Server for SPARC has the same basic network requirements as specified for x86 hardware in Section, “Network Requirements”.

Oracle VM Server for SPARC has the following additional network requirements:

Network Configuration Profile

The Oracle VM Agent for SPARC requires the control domain to be configured with the DefaultFixed network configuration profile. If this network configuration profile is not enabled on the control domain then, during the installation of the Oracle VM Agent for SPARC software, the Oracle VM Agent for SPARC setup tool offers the opportunity to enable this network configuration profile and to reconfigure the network.

Alternatively, you can manually configure the DefaultFixed network configuration profile and the network on the control domain before installing the Oracle VM Agent for SPARC. For more information about network configuration profiles, see the Network Configuration Profiles section in the Introduction to Oracle Solaris 11 Networking guide available at:


Server Hostname

The server hostname should be different from "localhost" and it should resolve to an IP address different from

You can check the hostname of the server with the hostname command:

# hostname

If the command returns "localhost" then use the hostname command to change the hostname.

You can check that the hostname resolves to an IP address with the getent command:

# getent hosts `hostname`

If the command does not return an IP address or returns then update the /etc/hosts file or your name service so that the hostname resolves to a valid IP address. For more information about naming services, see the Working With Naming and Directory Services in Oracle Solaris 11.1 documentation at: