Post-upgrade Storage Array Plug-in Reconciliation

After all Oracle VM Servers have been upgraded, it is possible that any non-generic Oracle VM Storage Connect plug-ins have also been updated to a newer version. In this situation, there may be a version mismatch in the configuration of the plug-in on any Oracle VM Server that is configured to use the storage array. This could result in errors whenever a storage array operation is performed since the expected plug-in version is no longer installed on any of the servers.

For this reason, when the upgrade is complete, the script checks the plug-ins for all storage arrays configured within Oracle VM Manager. If a plug-in is found within the Oracle VM Manager repository that no longer exists on any server that is configured for that storage array, the script attempts to determine whether a newer version of the same plug-in has been installed. If the script is able to find a newer version of the plug-in already installed on the servers, it automatically updates the configuration of the storage array to use the new plug-in.

Due to the way that this is handled, the storage array is only usable after the upgrade is complete, since the storage array's plug-in is not updated until all running servers using that plug-in have been upgraded.