Oracle VM Agent Configuration

If the Oracle VM Agent password is not defined then the Oracle VM Agent password menu is displayed.

*** ERROR: The Oracle VM Agent password is not defined.
Oracle VM Agent password
Enter a password for the Oracle VM Agent (ovs-agent)
This password is used in Oracle VM manager to manage
and monitor this server and its guest VMs. You must
type it twice to ensure you know what it is and
didn't make a mistake in typing.
Password (confirm):

Enter a password to be used for the Oracle VM Agent. This password is used by Oracle VM Manager to manage and monitor the Oracle VM Server for SPARC, and the guests created and running within it. This is the password you use when discovering Oracle VM Servers in Oracle VM Manager.

Then re-enter the password.

The password characters are not echoed to the screen. If the two passwords do not match, the tool prompts you to enter them again.