Oracle Commerce Guided Search is the most effective way for your customers to dynamically explore your storefront and find relevant and desired items quickly. An industry-leading faceted search and Guided Navigation solution, Guided Search enables businesses to influence customers in each step of their search experience. At the core of Guided Search is the MDEX Engine™, a hybrid search-analytical database specifically designed for high-performance exploration and discovery. The Oracle Commerce Content Acquisition System provides a set of extensible mechanisms to bring both structured data and unstructured content into the MDEX Engine from a variety of source systems. The Oracle Commerce Assembler dynamically assembles content from any resource and seamlessly combines it into results that can be rendered for display.

Oracle Commerce Experience Manager enables non-technical users to create, manage, and deliver targeted, relevant content to customers. With Experience Manager, you can combine unlimited variations of virtual product and customer data into personalized assortments of relevant products, promotions, and other content and display it to buyers in response to any search or facet refinement. Out-of-the-box templates and experience cartridges are provided for the most common use cases; technical teams can also use a software developer's kit to create custom cartridges.

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