Relevance Ranking Evaluator provides pre-defined relevance ranking strategies that are useful starting points for specific application types.

The Retail strategy is a specific set of relevance ranking modules that provide a result order that is favored by retail sites that contain only short text fields, while the Document strategy is useful for sites that contain larger text documents. Do not use these strategies as your own in production. These strategies are considered starting points from which you can modify for your application’s needs. As soon as you make modifications to a strategy, it becomes a Custom strategy.

Both the Retail and Document strategies are examples of stored strategies, which are set and configured in the application’s file. The administrator has the ability to set an arbitrary number of stored strategies and can modify or delete the default Retail and Document strategies. Once defined, these stored strategies are made available to you. Typically, stored strategies are defined when the application is deployed, or after an initial amount of testing is done to warrant their inclusion. For more information on the file and on administering Relevance Ranking Evaluator, see Oracle Commerce Guided Search Administrator's Guide.

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