You can audit a slot to determine the rule that is firing and troubleshoot unexpected behavior.

To determine which rule fires in a slot in the preview of your project, follow these steps.

  1. In the navigation tree, click the rule or page that you want to preview.

  2. Click Preview in the rule editor that appears in the edit area.

    If a rule that you are previewing appears on more than one page, a selection dialog appears. Select a page that you want to preview.

    Information about the previewed page appears in the manifest.

  3. In the manifest, click the Audit button for the slot that you want to audit.

    The rule that fired has a status of Fired in the first column of the Audit list. See the following table for additional information about the list.

  4. If there are many rules and you cannot see one that you are looking for, try one of these actions:

  5. Change the firing behavior of rules in the slot:

  6. Click Save and Preview.

    The preview application displays any changes that you have made to your project in audit mode. If you are not satisfied with the results, click Keep Editing to make more changes.

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