You can set a rule to display when a user navigates to a specific set of refinements in your application.

For example, if you create a rule for Canon cameras, you might want it to display when a user navigates to Cameras > Digital Cameras > Canon. You can set the content to display at that location by specifying a trigger based on the refinement state Cameras > Digital Cameras > Canon.

To trigger based on a refinement state:

  1. Check the toolbar and verify that you are working in the correct project.

  2. Click the rule that you want to edit in the Rules section of the navigation tree.

  3. Click Add Location.

    The Add/Modify Location dialog box appears.

    Note: The Autosuggest feature in the Add Location dialog does not populate the results for languages (such as Greek and Russian) for which the default language analyzer is OLT, because OLT language analysis does not support wild card searches. For information about OLT language analysis and languages to which OLT is applied by default, refer to the Oracle Commerce Guided Search Internationalization Guide.

  4. From the dimension tree under Refinements on the left, select the location where you want your rule to appear.

  5. Click Add to copy the location into the Refinements list on the right.

  6. Select a location option for where the content displays:

  7. Click OK.

  8. Click Save.

To specify more refinement triggers, repeat the previous steps. To add a search term trigger, follow the steps for triggering based on search terms.

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