You can display a list of all the assets that you have created, moved, edited, and deleted in a project.

Every folder, page, or rule that you modify in a project is included in the project asset list.

  1. Check the toolbar and verify that you are working in the correct project.

  2. Click the Project Contents button.

    The button only appears if you have modified an asset in your project. If your project has conflicts with a published project, then the button displays a conflict image.

    The asset list displays the following information:

  3. If the list is too long for you to easily find an asset, filter the list by typing in the Filter this list... box. You can filter assets by name, type, path, and user.

  4. If you would like to make more modifications to an asset, click the asset name in the Asset column.

    Note that you cannot modify an asset that has been deleted. To modify a deleted asset you must first remove it from the project.

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