If you have purchased Oracle Commerce Guided Search only and do not have Oracle Commerce Experience Manager, you can spotlight content with Rule Manager.

Rule Manager is a merchandising and spotlighting tool that lets you create and modify content, activate and deactivate content, and change their priority in an authoring application. Merchandising and spotlighting records is a process of identifying and promoting contextually relevant records, based on Rule Manager specifications, to users as they navigate or search within a data set. Rule Manager lets you define the conditions for promoting these records for display to application users.

With Rule Manager, you work from custom templates and content folders to create rich, data-driven content easily. Rule Manager lets you manage the placement and display of catalog records, promotions, and other forms of content spotlighting. Content can be used in any number of locations across a site, decreasing the time for creating and maintaining content. Rule Manager presents the relevant content to visitors at each step of the online experience based on their searches and site navigation.

Whether your visitors are directed from an external search engine or from on-site search and navigation, well-designed content is integral to an engaging user experience. Presenting content in a targeted, relevant manner has been shown to significantly boost conversion rates and can increase the effectiveness of both paid and natural search campaigns.

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