If you want a rule to display in more than one location in an application, you can specify multiple triggers.

For a single trigger to display a rule, the user's query must meet all of the trigger's criteria. This means that all of the search terms and refinement states that you specified for the location must be present in the query. For example, if a rule is set to the location Cameras > Digital Cameras with the search term "Canon," then the user must specify both the search term and the refinement state in order for the content to display.

If your rule has more than one location, it displays at each of those locations as long as the conditions for the individual location are met. For example, if you have two locations:

both display the rule as long as all of their individual criteria are met. The content displays at the location "Canon" as well as at Cameras > Digital Cameras with the search term "Canon."

To specify multiple locations, repeat the steps provided for triggering based on refinements and triggering based on search terms as many times as necessary.

If you have specified a date range for a rule or associated an item with a user segment, those conditions must also be met for the content to display.

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