A folder is an organizational structure that contains one or more rules. Each folder can optionally include a restriction on the type of content that it contains. For example, to restrict a folder for "Product Spotlighting," you might restrict the folder to only allow cartridges of type SecondaryContent. Each rule in the folder is then configured with conditions that determine when that item displays in the application. To configure the section of the application page to populated with this content, you select a slot cartridge that references the Product Spotlighting folder. Slots let you populate content in the section based on triggers in the folder, independent of the page triggers.

Folders can be created in the navigation tree either at the root of the Rules section or inside another folder. Oracle recommends that you create at least one folder for pages and one for each slot on the page that can contain either shared or variable content. This provides a logical organization of content. It lets content be triggered independently of the pages that contain them and also enables content in one slot to be triggered independently of content in another slot. If you work with multiple sites in Experience Manager, you can organize content by site. For example. you can create folders for content that is only triggered in a specific site as well as folders that contain content that is shared among sites.

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