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Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliance Customer Service Manual

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Updated: March 2017

Updating the Platform Firmware

This section describes how to automatically update the Oracle ILOM and/or BIOS firmware for an Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance. This process is known as a platform firmware update, and is available with software version OS8.7.0 or later. BUI and CLI procedures are provided in this section for checking the current firmware versions and for updating the platform firmware.

The automatic platform firmware update feature is supported on the following platforms:

  • ZS5-4

  • ZS5-2

  • ZS4-4

  • ZS3-2

For automatic platform firmware updates, the appliance must have a minimum Oracle ILOM version, as shown in the following table:

Minimum Required Oracle ILOM Version
ZS5-4 r109303
ZS5-2 r111631
ZS4-4 r95773
ZS3-2 r101476

To view the Oracle ILOM version in the BUI, click the Sun/Oracle logo in the upper left corner of the BUI masthead. In the System Info window, the Oracle ILOM version is listed for the "Service Processor."

image:Screen shot showing the location of the Sun/Oracle logo.

To view the Oracle ILOM version in the CLI, enter configuration version get sp_version.

hostname:> configuration version get sp_version
                    sp_version = r112581

If the Oracle ILOM version does not meet the minimum required level, contact Oracle Service. Otherwise, use the following tasks to update the platform firmware.

  • Checking the Platform Firmware Versions (BUI, CLI)

  • Updating the Platform Firmware (BUI, CLI)