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Oracle® X4 Series Servers Administration Guide

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Updated: April 2016

Using This Documentation

The section describes the Sun Server X4 series model naming conventions, and provides other general information. It includes:

Sun X4- Series Model Name

The platform name identifies the following:

  • X identifies an x86 product.

  • The first number, 4, identifies the generation of the server.

  • The second number identifies the number of processors.

  • If a letter is present, L identifies it as a large system and B identifies it as a blade.

Documentation and Feedback

Oracle documentation
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Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager
Oracle Hardware Management Pack

Icons Used in This Document

This document uses icons to identify the tools used for each task. The following table shows the icons and the tools that they represent:

image:Icon for Oracle System Assistant
Oracle System Assistant
image:Icon for Oracle ILOM
Oracle ILOM
image:Icon for Oracle Hardware Management Pack
Oracle Hardware Management Pack
image:Icon for BIOS


Primary Authors: Michael Bechler, Cheryl Smith.

Contributors: Ray Angelo, Cynthia Chin-Lee, Lisa Kuder, Mary Martyak.

Change History

The following lists the release history of this documentation:

  • April 2016. Backup and restore fault data added.

  • December 2015. Technical updates.

  • September 2015. Added information to Initial Setup, and to Updating BIOS instructions.

  • June 2015: Editorial improvement and technical updates.

  • September 2014. Added Elastic Computing, updates for Oracle ILOM 3.2.4, and editorial improvements.

  • April 2014. Additional updates and improvements.

  • April 2014. More editorial improvements.

  • December 2013. Updates for Oracle System Assistant 1.2.

  • September 2013. Initial publication.