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Oracle® X4 Series Servers Administration Guide

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Updated: April 2016

Set UEFI Late Synchronization

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If you have changed certain BIOS settings, the boot process might be interrupted, and then restarted. This is necessary to synchronize the settings between various system components.

  • If UEFI Late Synchronization is enabled, this interruption happens after POST messages are finished.

  • If UEFI Late Synchronization is not enabled, this interruption happens before POST messages start.

  1. Access the BIOS Setup Utility.
    1. Boot the system.

      Boot messages scroll across the console screen.

    2. Press the F2 key (or Ctrl +E from a serial terminal) continuously.

      The BIOS Setup Utility main screen appears.

  2. From the BIOS Main menu screen, select Advanced > UEFI Configuration Synchronization.
  3. For Synchronization Late select Enabled or Disabled.

    The default is Enabled.

  4. To save the changes and exit the screen, press F10.

See Also

  • For BIOS screen details, see your server service manual.