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Oracle® X4 Series Servers Administration Guide

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Updated: April 2016

Backup, Restore, and Revert BIOS Settings (Oracle System Assistant 1.1)

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The BIOS Configuration task allows you to back up and restore customized server BIOS settings. You can back up and restore settings to and from an XML file. You can also restore the server to the factory default settings.

Use this procedure to backup and restore BIOS settings on systems equipped with Oracle System Assistant 1.1.

Note -  On systems equipped with Oracle System Assistant, see Importing and Exporting Hardware Configuration (Oracle System Assistant 1.2).
  1. Click the Configure Hardware task button.
  2. Click the BIOS Configuration tab.
  3. Select a backup or restore option from the drop-down list.

    The back up and restore options are:

    • Backup (Export XML file)

    • Restore (Import XML file)

    • Restore to Factory Settings

  4. For the backup option and the restore option, select a transfer method. To restore to factory settings, click the Factory radio button.

    The transfer method options include:

    • Local drive

    • TFTP

    • FTP

    • SFTP

    • SCP

    • HTTP

    • HTTPS

  5. For the file-based options, browse for a file location.
  6. For the file-based options, click Run; for the Restore to Factory option, click Apply.

    Changes to the BIOS settings are applied during the next server boot.

See Also

  • For BIOS screen details, see your server service manual.