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Oracle® X4 Series Servers Administration Guide

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Updated: April 2016

Access the BIOS Setup Utility Menus

image:Icon for BIOS

Before You Begin

Select one of the following access interfaces:

  • Use a USB keyboard and VGA monitor connected directly to the server. (A mouse is not required to operate the BIOS Setup Utility.)

  • Use a terminal or terminal emulator connected to a computer through the serial port on the back panel of the server.

  • Connect to the server using the Oracle ILOM Remote Console application.

    For details, see Launch a Remote System Console Redirection Session.

The following picture shows the connection interfaces in a blade system.

image:A figure showing the connection interfaces in a blade                             system.
  1. Reset or power on the server using one of the following methods:
    • From the local server: Press the Power button on the front panel of the server to power off the server, and then press the Power button again to power on the server.
    • From the Oracle ILOM web interface: Click Host Management > Power Control, and select Reset from the Select Action drop-down list.
    • From the Oracle ILOM CLI on the server SP: Type reset /System.

    The POST sequence begins.

    Refer to your server service manual for more details.

  2. To enter the BIOS Setup Utility, press the F2 key (Ctrl+E from a serial connection) when prompted.

    The BIOS Setup Utility Main appears.

    image:Graphic showing BIOS Setup Utility: Main menu.

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