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Oracle® X4 Series Servers Administration Guide

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Updated: April 2016

Set Power Supply Light Load Efficiency Policies on CMM

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To increase the efficiency of the power supplies, you can monitor how much power the power supplies are using and shut down one side of a power supply unit.

Before You Begin

  • Log in to Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM). For instructions on how to log in to Oracle ILOM, see Launch and Log In to Oracle ILOM.

  • The default settings for the Light Load Efficiency Policies in Oracle ILOM include the following:

    • The Light Load Efficiency Mode is Disabled by default.

    • The Monitor Power Supply 0 Side 0 or Monitor Power Supply 0 Side 1 properties are Enabled by default.

    • The Monitor Power Supply 1 Side 0 or Monitor Power Supply 1 Side 1 properties are Enabled by default.

  • Ensure that you have Admin (a) role privileges in Oracle ILOM.

This procedure provides both web and command-line interface (CLI) instructions for the chassis monitoring module (CMM).

  • To define light load efficiency policies for power supplies installed in an Oracle blade chassis system:
    • From the Web interface:
      1. Click System Management > Policy.
      2. In the Chassis Monitoring Module Policies table, select the appropriate power supply policy (for example, Load Efficiency or Monitor Power Supply Side), and then in the Actions list box click either Enable or Disable.
    • From the CLI, type:

      set /CMM/policy LIGHT_LOAD_EFFICIENCY_MODE=[ enabled|disabled ] MONITOR_PS n _SIDE n =[ enabled|disabled ]

      Where n represents the power supply slot location (0 or 1) and side (0 or 1).

See Also

System Management Power Supply Policies Configurable from CMM, Oracle ILOM Configuration and Maintenance Guide for firmware version 3.1 or 3.2.