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Oracle® X4 Series Servers Administration Guide

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Updated: April 2016

Troubleshooting Oracle System Assistant

If Oracle System Assistant does not launch or is not available to the server, or if you are unsure whether your server has it installed, use the procedure in this section to troubleshoot and verify Oracle System Assistant, and to restore its functionality.

Note -  For information about potential problems and workarounds for Oracle System Assistant, see Oracle System Assistant Known Issues and your platform product notes.

This section includes the following tasks:

When troubleshooting or verifying Oracle System Assistant, consider the following:

  • Oracle System Assistant is installed in each supported server. However, you can opt-out of having Oracle System Assistant installed. The opt-out option occurs during the server order process.

  • You can launch and operate Oracle System Assistant manually while located at the serve, or you can launch and operate it remotely from Oracle ILOM using the Remote Console application.

    Regardless of the launch method, the server must boot into Oracle System Assistant.

  • Oracle System Assistant is installed on an embedded USB drive that appears to the server operating system as a storage device. You can see the device in a file browser or using a command-line interface, and you can to navigate to the device and browse the Oracle System Assistant file system.

  • Because Oracle System Assistant resides on a physical device, you can check for the presence of the USB drive by accessing the inside of the server.

  • A safety and security feature allows you to disable the USB drive and place it in an offline state where it is not visible or accessible to the operating system, Oracle ILOM, or the BIOS Setup Utility. When the device is in this disabled state, it is not possible to launch Oracle System Assistant, and you can only enable it and bring it back online using the server BIOS Setup Utility.

  • Oracle System Assistant launches if it is installed in the server, it is enabled in the BIOS Setup Utility, and it is not corrupted.

  • If Oracle System Assistant becomes corrupted, you can recover the Oracle System Assistant image, provided it was initially installed on your server.