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Oracle® X4 Series Servers Administration Guide

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Updated: April 2016

Update Software and Firmware (Oracle System Assistant)

image:Icon for Oracle System Assistant

Use this procedure to update server firmware using Oracle System Assistant.

The Update Firmware task allows you to update system firmware (BIOS and Oracle ILOM SP) and hardware device firmware in the system to the latest versions. It allows you to preview the changes, compare version numbers, manually select the components to update, or choose to update all firmware components.

For the best result, update all firmware components to the latest versions.

Note -  Some firmware components require a server reboot immediately after a firmware update. If required, the server might automatically reboot one or more times during the update process.

The time it takes to perform an Oracle ILOM/SP update depends on the Local Host Interconnect setting in Oracle ILOM.

  • If the Local Host Interconnect setting in Oracle ILOM is configured as host managed (true), it uses the internal Host-to-ILOM interconnect. This is the default, and it is the fastest.

  • If the Local Host Interconnect setting in Oracle ILOM is configured as host managed (false), it takes longer.

Before You Begin

  1. Access Oracle System Assistant.

    See Accessing Oracle System Assistant for details.

  2. Click Update Firmware.

    The Update Firmware screen appears.

    image:This figure shows the Update Firmware screen in Oracle System                                 Assistant.
  3. To view the components that can be updated, click the Check for Firmware Updates button.

    The Firmware Update Check progress box appears as the task polls the components and performs the firmware update check.

  4. (Optional) Click the Preview Changes button.

    The Firmware Update Install Changes dialog box appears.

  5. View the list of firmware components that need updates and compare current and available version numbers.

    You can also review the Component Name, Device Name, Firmware/BIOS Installed, and Firmware/BIOS Available.

  6. To proceed, select one of the following:
    • To perform a selective firmware update, select the firmware updates that you want to install, and then click the Install Updates button.

      Note -  Components that are up-to-date cannot be selected.
    • To install all the firmware updates, click the Install All Updates button.
  7. Wait while the system updates the firmware.

    The update firmware progress bar appears.

    The system might reboot several times. If it has more updates to install, it reboots back to Oracle System Assistant and continues with the firmware update.

    If the firmware update includes updating Oracle ILOM, the Oracle ILOM Remote Console session might get disconnected and you might have to restart it.

    Oracle System Assistant displays a completion message when the updates are all installed.


    Caution  -  Data corruption and loss of functionality. Do not interrupt the firmware update process. The server might reboot automatically several times. Do not interrupt it until you are certain that it is done.

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