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Oracle® X4 Series Servers Administration Guide

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Updated: April 2016

Add, Modify, or Delete Oracle ILOM User Account (Oracle System Assistant)

image:Icon for Oracle System Assistant
  1. Access Oracle System Assistant.

    See Accessing Oracle System Assistant for details.

  2. Click Configure Hardware, and then click the Service Processor Configuration tab.

    The Service Processor Configuration screen appears.

  3. Select User Accounts Settings from the drop-down list.

    The User Accounts Settings screen appears.

  4. Click the desired action.
    • If you click Add User, an empty configuration window appears. Fill in the information and click Add User.

      Note -  Oracle System Assistant does not support the creation of a user account with the user name "user." However, Oracle ILOM supports the creation of an account named as such, and while such an account can be viewed in Oracle System Assistant, it cannot be modified or deleted. If you need to create or manage this account, use Oracle ILOM.
    • If you select a user and then click Modify User, the user configuration information appears in the window. Modify it, and then click Modify User.
    • If you select a user and then click Delete User, a dialog box asks you to confirm. Select Yes to confirm or No to exit without changing.
  5. When you are done, click Apply Settings.

    Oracle System Assistant either applies the changes or displays a message stating that the changes cannot be applied until the next boot.