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Oracle® X4 Series Servers Administration Guide

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Updated: April 2016

System Administration Tasks

The following table lists common administration functions and provides links to the tasks related to each function.

Control server power
Configure boot settings
Install operating system

Note -  To perform these tasks in order, in HTML, shift-select the first task to open it in a new window. When you have completed the task, close the window and shift-select the next task. Continue until all tasks are done.

Prepare Oracle System Assistant for updates.
Download and Install Updates of Platform Software, Drivers, and Firmware.
Configure RAID.
Install the Operating System.
Monitor and Troubleshoot
Update and back up
Backup and Restore Oracle ILOM.
Backup and Restore BIOS.
Initial system setup using Oracle System Assistant

Note -  Since these tasks are normally done in the order that they appear here, to see them in order, shift-click to open each one in a new window, then return here when you are done.

Set up RAID
Set up iSCSI
Use and maintain Oracle System Assistant
Using Oracle System Assistant.
Managing Oracle System Assistant.
Troubleshooting and Restoring Oracle System Assistant.
Use Oracle ILOM
Accessing Oracle ILOM
Backing Up Oracle ILOM.
Use Oracle Hardware Management Pack
Use BIOS Setup Utility
Allocate Option ROM and I/O Space
Configure elastic computing