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Oracle® X4 Series Servers Administration Guide

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Updated: April 2016

Import Hardware Configuration (Oracle System Assistant 1.2)

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Use this task to import RAID, Oracle ILOM, and BIOS configuration information from xml files into your server. When you execute the import, the system configures the corresponding hardware to match the information in the xml files.


Caution  -  Loss of service: If the information in the xml files is not configured correctly, or if it was exported from a mismatched system, it could disable your server.

The xml files should be generated using the Export Hardware Configuration function described in Export Hardware Configuration (Oracle System Assistant 1.2).

Before You Begin

You must have an xml file for each configuration that you import, and these must be included in a single zip file.

The content of the xml files must be accurate and complete. The system used to export the file must match the system where the file is imported. They must have the same:

  • Model number

  • Oracle ILOM and BIOS versions

  • Disk drive configuration

  • Option cards

  1. Select Advanced > Import Hardware Configuration.

    The Import Hardware Configuration window appears.

  2. Select the configurations to import.

    If you select Service Processor Configuration, type and confirm the Passphrase.

  3. Select a transfer method.

    Additional fields appear, depending on the selection you made. Fill in the required details.

  4. Select Import.

    The system imports the configuration information from zipped xml files identified by the transfer method.

    If the files are not configured correctly, the system displays a warning message and asks if you to confirm or exit.