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Oracle® X4 Series Servers Administration Guide

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Updated: April 2016

Configure SP Network Settings (Oracle System Assistant)

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Before You Begin

Obtain the Oracle ILOM network information, such as DHCP settings and IP addresses.

  1. Access Oracle System Assistant.

    See Accessing Oracle System Assistant for details.

  2. Click Configure Hardware, and then click the Service Processor Configuration tab.

    The Service Processor Configuration screen appears.

  3. Select Network Configuration from the drop-down list.

    The Network Configuration appears.

  4. Set the network settings to the desired values.
    • Enter the following values for IPv4:
      1. IP Discovery Mode

        Select whether the system uses Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) or a static IP assignment.

      2. IP Address

        If you selected a static IP assignment, provide the IP address of the SP.

      3. Netmask

        If you selected a static IP assignment, provide the netmask for the SP.

      4. Gateway

        If you selected a static IP assignment, provide the gateway address for the SP.

    • Enter the following values for IPv6:
      1. State

        Click the Enabled check box to enable IPv6 network settings.

      2. Autoconfig

        When enabled, the IPv6 Stateless autoconfiguration learns the IPv6 address.

      3. DHCPv6Autoconfig

        When enabled, the DHCPv6 Stateless autoconfiguration learns the DNS and domain information.

        When enabled, the DHCPv6 Stateful autoconfiguration learns the IPv6 addresses and DNS information.

        When enabled, the None state will only set the Link Local address in Oracle ILOM.

      4. Static IP Address

        This is the static IP address for the SP.

      5. Link-Local IP Address

        This is a non-routable address that you can use to connect to the SP from another IPv6 enabled node on the same network.

      6. Gateway

        This is the gateway address for IPv6.

      7. Dynamic IP List

        This field is read-only. Oracle System Assistant gets these values from Oracle ILOM.

  5. When you are done, click Apply Settings.

    Some changes are applied immediately. Others cannot be applied until the next boot.