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Oracle® X4 Series Servers Administration Guide

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Updated: April 2016

View Help and the Readme File

image:Icon for Oracle System Assistant

Use this procedure to view the Oracle System Assistant help and the readme file (Release Notes) for the installed platform software release.

The readme file contains Release Notes, which provide information about Oracle System Assistant including information specific to your software release.

  1. Access Oracle System Assistant.

    For details, see Accessing Oracle System Assistant.

    The System Overview task screen appears.

  2. At the bottom of the System Overview task screen, click the Help button.

    The readme file appears. .

    Note -  You can also access the readme file on My Oracle Support, and by browsing to the top level of the flash drive . For details, see Accessing Files on the Oracle System Assistant Flash Drive.

    image:A graphic showing the Oracle System Assistant Help                                 screen
  3. Click other buttons to display help as required.