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Release Notes for 3.4.3

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September 2018

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Installing and Upgrading Oracle VM
3 What's New in Oracle VM?
3.1 What's New in Oracle VM Release 3.4.3?
3.2 What's New in Oracle VM Release 3.4.2?
3.3 What's New in Oracle VM Release 3.4.1?
3.4 What's New in Oracle VM Release 3.3.5?
3.5 What's New in Oracle VM Release 3.3.4?
3.6 What's New in Oracle VM Release 3.3.3?
3.7 What's New in Oracle VM Release 3.3.2?
3.8 What's New in Oracle VM Release 3.3.1?
3.9 What's New in Oracle VM Release 3.2.1?
3.10 What's New in Oracle VM Release 3.1.1?
3.11 What's New in Oracle VM Release 3.0.3?
3.12 What's New in Oracle VM Release 3.0.2?
4 Notable Bug Fixes
4.1 Bug Fixes in Oracle VM 3.4.3
4.2 Bug Fixes in Oracle VM 3.4.2
4.3 Bug Fixes in Oracle VM 3.4.1
4.4 Bug Fixes in Oracle VM 3.3.5
4.5 Bug Fixes in Oracle VM 3.3.4
4.6 Bug Fixes in Oracle VM 3.3.3
4.7 Bug Fixes in Oracle VM 3.3.2
4.8 Bug Fixes in Oracle VM 3.3.1
4.9 Bug Fixes in Oracle VM 3.2.1
4.10 Bug Fixes in Oracle VM 3.1.1
4.11 Bug Fixes in Oracle VM 3.0.3
5 Supported Guest Operating Systems
5.1 Oracle VM Server for x86 Supported Guest Operating Systems
5.2 Oracle VM Server for SPARC Supported Guest Operating Systems
6 Oracle VM Manager Support for Previous Oracle VM Server releases
7 Configuration Limits for Release 3.4
8 Known Limitations and Workarounds
8.1 Integration Between Oracle VM Server for SPARC and Oracle VM Manager
8.2 Cannot Remove Software RAID Devices from Oracle VM Manager
8.3 VNICs Deleted When Editing Virtual Machine
8.4 Cannot Enable High Availability when Editing Virtual Machine
8.5 Cannot Upgrade Oracle VM Manager Due to Presence of Temporary Files
8.6 Job List Excel Spreadsheet Name Contains Unexpected Characters
8.7 Oracle Linux 6 HVM Guest Virtual Machine with Hard Disk of 2TiB in Size Hangs on Boot
8.8 Kernel Panic when Assigning More Than 32 virtual CPUs to Oracle Linux 32-bit PVM Guests
8.9 Live Migration of Guest Virtual Machine Fails Due to Linux Kernel Version
8.10 PVHVM Guest Boot Delayed by Xen Balloon Driver
8.11 Oracle VM Server Cannot Boot from Software RAID Devices with Disks that are 2TB or Larger
8.12 Oracle VM Server Does Not Boot After Installation to LUN Targets Larger Than 2TB
8.13 Oracle VM Server Boot Delay and I/O Error Messages with Oracle ZFS Storage Array
8.14 FIPS Integrity Error Message for SSH Connections from Oracle VM Server
8.15 Incorrect MAC Address Displayed for Bond Port
8.16 Kernel Panic when Booting Guest Virtual Machine with 100 or more Virtual Disks
8.17 Different Default Values for the serverAffinityType when Creating Anti-Affinity Groups
8.18 Performance Impact for Less than 8 CPUs Configured for dom0
8.19 Upgrading Oracle VM Server from Release 3.2.10 to 3.3.4 and then to 3.4.2 fails
8.20 Logical Volume Manager (LVM) is enabled on Oracle VM Server Release 3.4.1
8.21 Btrfs Root File System Not Supported on PVM Guest Virtual Machines
8.22 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP2 and Later Not Supported For PVM Guest Virtual Machines
8.23 Cannot Connect to the Oracle VM Manager Web Interface with Microsoft Internet Explorer
8.24 The Virtual Machine Console Window in the Oracle VM Manager Web Interface Opens in the Background when using Microsoft Internet Explorer
8.25 Inconsistent Value for SPARC Domain Type
8.26 Integer Only Values for the statValue Option
8.27 Aborting a Server Discovery Operation Results in Server Listed with an Unknown Operational State
8.28 Automatic Discovery Operations can Conflict with Server Configuration Operations
8.29 Solaris 11 x86 Virtual Machine Disk Type Can Cause Kernel Panic on Boot
8.30 Solaris 10 x86 Virtual Machine Installation Fails To Boot
8.31 Oracle Linux 7 Virtual Machines Imported from a VirtualBox Virtual Appliance Do Not Start on Oracle VM
8.32 (x86 Only) IOStat Stays at 100% Util for Oracle Linux Virtual Machines After a Storage Migration
8.33 Serial Console Does Not Respond for Oracle Linux 7 HVM Virtual Machines
8.34 Error When Attaching CD-ROM Drives to Running HVM Virtual Machines
8.35 Deleting Bond Ports for VLANIF Interfaces Deletes the VLANIF
8.36 (SPARC Only) NFSv4 Delegation Interferes with Cluster Heartbeat, Using NFSv3 Results in RPC Error PROGRAM/VERSION MISMATCH
8.37 Cannot Import OVF Files into Oracle VirtualBox
8.38 Oracle VM Manager Cannot Receive Messages from SPARC Virtual Machines
8.39 Cannot Boot Oracle VM Server Installed on an HP DL380 Gen9 Server in UEFI mode
8.40 (x86 Only) Cannot Boot Oracle VM Server with Broadcom 57840S CNA Card After PXE Install
8.41 Changing to Dynamic Mode IP Address Assignment Does Not Rollback if the Server is Unable to Obtain an IP Address
8.42 Drag and Drop from Blank Space of Object
8.43 Error When Using the Administrator Tool in Parallel
8.44 Oracle VM Manager Command Line Interface TCP Port Conflicts With Port Reserved for NDMP
8.45 When A Virtual Machine Using A Shared Virtual Disk Is Moved To Another Repository, The Shared Virtual Disk Is Cloned
8.46 Unable to Remove a Storage Array if a File System Exists on a LUN
8.47 Cluster Failure After An Offline Server is Removed From the Cluster While Another Cluster Member is Offline
8.48 LSI Logic / Symbios Logic MegaRAID SAS 1078 is not supported on Oracle VM Server
8.49 (SPARC Only) Hot-added CD-ROM Device is Detected As Hard Disk
8.50 Fibre Channel LUNs Missing From Oracle VM Manager After Refresh
8.51 (SPARC Only) Size of Physical Disk in Oracle VM Manager Incorrect When LUN Size is Decreased on Storage Array
8.52 The Apparent Size of a Repository in Oracle VM Manager Web Interface Does Not Update Automatically
8.53 Virtual Disks Do Not Display on Solaris 10 Guests
8.54 Oracle Linux 5 Virtual Machines Converted from Physical Hosts Do Not Boot
8.55 SSL Exception in AdminServer Log File
8.56 Oracle VM Servers in a Server Pool Must Be at the Same Minor Version
8.57 Oracle VM Manager Displays Incorrect Details for ZFS Storage Appliances After Cluster Failover
8.58 Oracle VM Server Upgrade Not Possible with NetApp Storage plug-in
8.59 Oracle VM Manager Web Interface Incorrectly Displays Oracle VM Server Upgrade Required
8.60 The Oracle VM Manager Silent Install Option Using A YAML Configuration File Is Deprecated
8.61 Aborting An Oracle VM Server Upgrade Initiated By The Script May Result In Inconsistent Reporting on Upgrade Status
8.62 Kdump On Oracle VM Server Only Supports Dump Levels 0 and 1
8.63 Network Receive Statistics For A Virtual Machine Are Invalid And Set To -1
8.64 CPU Affinity After Live Migration of Virtual Machine on Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) Systems
8.65 Virtual Machines Based on Oracle Solaris 11 Do Not Boot
8.66 Changing Domain Type from Xen HVM to Xen HVM PV Drivers Causes Informational Messages in AdminServer.log
8.67 Single-Stream TCP Throughput is Degraded for Guest Virtual Machines Running UEK Release 4
8.68 Error Partitioning Caused by Disk Label or Format in UEFI Mode
8.69 Kernel Panic when Booting Guest Virtual Machine with Oracle Solaris 11.2
8.70 Oracle VM Manager Web Interface Goes to Blank Screen with Mozilla Firefox on a Linux System
8.71 HugePages Deprecated for PVM Guests as of Oracle VM Release 3.4.1
8.72 HugePages Does Not Display as Selected in Oracle VM Manager Web Interface
8.73 Kdump Service Hangs at Discovery of FCoE Device with Broadcom CNA on HP Servers
8.74 Kdump Service with UEK Release 4 Fails to Create Memory Dump on Cisco UCS B230 M2 Blade Server
8.75 Do Not Discover Oracle VM Servers Earlier than Release 3.2.10
8.76 (SPARC Only) Cannot Export Virtual Appliance with Physical Disk Access
8.77 (SPARC Only) MTU Resets to the Default of 1500 After Server Power Off
8.78 Oracle VM Server Installer Fails When Modifying Swap Partitions
8.79 Kernel Startup is Slow after Upgrading to UEK4 on PVHVM Guests
8.80 Cannot Enable High Availability (HA) for Virtual Machines with HugePages
8.81 Kdump is Not Supported on FCoE SANs
8.82 Virtual Machines Hang at Boot if Grant Reference Request Too Large
8.83 Cannot Edit Running Virtual Machines with HugePages and HA Enabled
8.84 Import URL Cannot Exceed Maximum Character Length
8.85 Performance Impact for Less than 8 CPUs Configured for dom0
8.86 Migration of PVHVM Guest Virtual Machines may be Affected by Linux Kernel Version
8.87 SR-IOV Is Not a Supported Feature
8.88 Oracle VM Manager Upgrade Does Not Restore External Authentication Provider
8.89 Limit of 3 Virtual Machine Console Windows with Microsoft Internet Explorer
8.90 Virtual Machine Migration Job Loop During Oracle VM Upgrade
8.91 Kdump Service on Oracle Sun Server X4-4 with QLogic QLE2562 HBA
8.92 The kdump Service Cannot Mount the Root Partition if Zone Connection to EMC Storage Array
8.93 Oracle VM Server Hangs During Upgrade if Boot Partition Not Large Enough
8.94 GRO Must Be Disabled After an Upgrade When Routing/Bridging with IXGBE Driver
8.95 Change in Variable Name for the eventGetTypes SOAP Call using Oracle VM Web Services API
8.96 Restart Virtual Machines After Upgrade
8.97 LRO Setting Bridge Interface
8.98 Disable Transitional Update Repository
8.99 (X86 Only) SWIOTLB Buffer Errors When Using Jumbo Frames on Oracle VM Server
8.100 Operation Transactions
8.101 One Instance of Oracle VM Manager Web Interface Per Browser Session
8.102 IPv6 Updates On Some Microsoft Windows Guests Do Not Reflect in Oracle VM Manager
8.103 Incorrect Text Color After Acknowledging VM Errors
8.104 Unable to Copy Text or Take Screen Shots of Error Dialogs
8.105 Safari Web Browser on Windows is not Supported
8.106 Object Lock Prevents Some Operations
8.107 Unable to Configure NTP For All Servers
8.108 (x86 Only) Oracle VM Server Installer Goes To Black Screen After Running /sbin/loader
8.109 (x86 Only) Oracle VM Server Installer Hangs Waiting for Hardware to Initialize
8.110 (x86 Only) Oracle VM Server Installer Hangs Examining Storage Devices For Large Number of LUNS
8.111 (x86 Only) Benign Error Message During Install: HDIO_GET_IDENTITY failed
8.112 (x86 Only) Cannot Use Installation Media to Upgrade Oracle VM Server if Earlier than Release 3.3.x
8.113 (x86 Only) Oracle VM Server Upgrade From ULN or Oracle Public Yum Repositories is Restricted to Servers That Do Not Use Non-Native Packages
8.114 (x86 Only) Many ISCSI or Fibre Channel LUNs Require More Server Memory
8.115 Clustered Server Pools in Mixed Platform Environments Require NFS Access Groups To Be Configured
8.116 (SPARC Only) Cluster Recovery May Fail When Using NFSv3 For Server Pool File System
8.117 (x86 Only) Server BIOS Settings
8.118 (x86 Only) Oracle VM Server Does Not Support crashkernel=auto Boot Parameter
8.119 Kdump Core Collector Using Sparse Copy Fails
8.120 (x86 Only) Oracle VM Server Installation on Sun Fire X4800
8.121 (x86 Only) Installation of Oracle VM Server on some HP Server Hardware May Fail if Tape Drive is Attached
8.122 (x86 Only) Wake On Lan (WOL) Fails if Oracle VM Servers on Different Subnets
8.123 (x86 Only) Sun Fire X4170 Server Not Fenced During Cluster Failure
8.124 (x86 Only) Netconsole Unknown Error 524 During Oracle VM Server Start-up
8.125 (x86 Only) ACPI Buffer Error After Installing Oracle VM Server
8.126 Failed Server Evacuation Defined in DPM Policy Generates User Acknowledgeable Event
8.127 (SPARC Only) Serial Console Hangs During Installation of Oracle Solaris 11 on Virtual Machine
8.128 Editing Virtual Machine Configuration File Results in Unexpected Behavior
8.129 Concurrent Template Operations May Fail Due to Lock Issue
8.130 (SPARC Only) Wrong Error Message Returned When Importing A Template From An Incorrect URL
8.131 (x86 Only) Virtual Machine Fails to Restart On Another Server in the Cluster if ACPI is Enabled
8.132 (x86 Only) Oracle Solaris 10 Virtual Machine May Hang During Shutdown
8.133 (x86 Only) Virtual Machine Created with Network (PXE) Installation Does Proceed Beyond Pre Boot
8.134 (x86 Only) Maximum Memory to Start a PVM Guest is 470 GB
8.135 (x86 Only) Creating a PVM Guest Slow Using Local Storage
8.136 (x86 Only) Live Migration of a VM may be Affected by Guest Linux Kernel Version
8.137 (x86 Only) Improving Mouse Pointer Control in Virtual Machine Console
8.138 (x86 Only) Solaris 10 Kernel Panic on Some AMD Systems
8.139 (x86 Only) Solaris 10 Release 8/11 Guest Hangs at Boot
8.140 (x86 Only) Solaris 11 Guest With More Than 2 VCPUs Hangs at Boot
8.141 (x86 Only) Solaris 11 Release 2011.11 Guest Hangs at Boot
8.142 (x86 Only) Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 HVM Guests do Not Cleanly Shut Down
8.143 (SPARC Only) Need Actual Available Memory for Live Migration
8.144 (x86 Only) Network Card Limit in Virtual Machines
8.145 QLogic cLOM8214 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet NIC Initializes with Link State Down
8.146 Renaming of QLogic cLOM8214 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet NIC is Incorrect
8.147 (x86 Only) Incorrect ARP Reply When Using Jumbo Frames
8.148 (x86 Only) Changing Cluster Heartbeat Network Does Not Reflect New IP Address
8.149 NFSv4 Read/Write Delegation Not Supported
8.150 (x86 Only) Unclean File System Causes Errors When Used as a Server Pool File System
8.151 (SPARC Only) Agent Fails to Reconcile Multipath LUNS If Solaris I/O Multipathing is Disabled
8.152 (x86 Only) Size of New LUN on Server is Incorrect If an Existing LUN Is Unmapped First
8.153 (x86 Only) Remapping LUNs Causes Storage Refresh To Hang
8.154 (x86 Only) LUNs Must Be Cleaned Prior to Storage Repository Creation
8.155 NetApp ONTAP (8.2 c-mode) Operating System Does Not Work With Oracle VM
8.156 (x86 Only) Black Listing of System Disks for Legacy LSI MegaRAID Controllers Not Supported
8.157 (x86 Only) Blacklisting of System Disks for Multipathing Fails on HP Smart Array (CCISS) Disk Devices
8.158 (x86 Only) HP Smart Array CCISS Disk Devices Are Not Supported For Creation of Local Storage Repositories
8.159 (x86 Only) Multiple Paths Used in Multipath Environments on Oracle Pillar Axiom Storage
8.160 Refreshing a NAS-based File System Produces Invalid/Overlapping Exports
8.161 (x86 Only) Shared OCFS2 Cluster File System on Virtual Disk Not Supported
8.162 Virtual Disk Images Must Be Properly Aligned To The OCFS2 Block Size For Performance
8.163 Oracle VM Manager Command Line Interface Backspace Key
8.164 Oracle VM Manager Command Line Interface Allows THIN_CLONE cloneType On NFS
8.165 Untagged VLAN Interface Missing After Upgrade of Oracle VM Manager
9 Additional Software for Oracle VM
9.1 Oracle VM Storage Connect plug-ins
9.2 Oracle VM Guest Additions
9.3 Oracle VM Utilities
9.4 Oracle OpenStack
9.5 Oracle Enterprise Manager
9.6 Third Party Software