Experience Manager provides a set of standard editors that you can use in cartridge templates as well as the ability to develop custom editors.

You can provide embedded assistance for the business user in the Experience Manager interface by specifying it in the cartridge template.

In our example cartridge, we provided two simple text fields for the business user to enter a message and the desired color. This user interface makes it unclear what values are allowed or expected for those fields. The template schema for configuring editors allows you to supply a short descriptive label for each field, but sometimes additional context can be helpful. For such cases, you can use the bottomLabel attribute to provide further information.

To add additional guidance for the business user to the example cartridge:

For more information about label options for Experience Manager editors, see the Editor label configuration reference.

Experience Manager provides a set of editors that can configure primitive property types as well as Oracle Commerce-specific features. You specify which editor to use to configure which properties in the <EditorPanel> portion of the template.

Even with additional user assistance text, asking the business user to type a hex code into a text field does not provide a very user-friendly experience. One of the standard editors included with Experience Manager is a combo box that can be used to specify a set of valid values for a string property. In this example, we provide a set of colors from which the business user can choose. This not only relieves the business user from typing in a hex code, but it can also ensure that the selected color matches the site's color scheme.

To update the example cartridge to use a combo box editor:

Depending on the option that the business user selects, the value of the property is set to the appropriate hex code. You can change the value and refresh the application to see the change.

For more information about the standard Experience Manager editors and their configuration, refer to the Template Property and Editor Reference.

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